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The Montessori world is a child-sized world. Beautiful, enticing, inviting, spacious and thoughtfully arranged classroom exhibits each element of Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach. Natural lighting, soft colours, and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm. All items in the environment are scaled to the child’s size, including furniture, shelves, utensils, dishware, cleaning implements and the Montessori materials themselves.

Learning materials are displayed on the beautiful wooden low open shelves in a sequence, which allows children to find, use, and replace materials easily. Children work on individual floor mats or at small floor tables (chowki), depending on the work they are doing. The Montessori classroom is divided into several logical areas by accessible shelves: Practical Life exercises, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geometry and other cultural areas for Geography, Science, Biology, Art etc.

There are comfortable spaces suited to small group or whole class learning activities.Clean and hygienic washrooms are located just off the classroom with child-sized toilets and low sinks.

reading corner

Excellent love of reading habits begins in the early years. A library is a distinct area of the classroom and children are free to use this as they wish. It is designed to promote quiet reading in a productive manner with comfortable seating. A rich variety of children's books designed to appeal to their innate curiosity and interests are displayed in reachable shelves in an orderly manner. The children can look at picture books, story books, and learn about their favourite things to explore the world around them. The reading materials are updated regularly based on children’s current interest.

An aquarium in this corner makes a very soothing addition to the environment, as some children will sit and watch the fishes for hours. They may have a conversation around the fish and also learn to take care of them by feeding.

snacks corner

Snacks corner with all the necessary eating utensils available where all the children assemble during common snack time. This provides opportunities for them to share their snacks and chit chat with their friends.

outdoor environment

The school understands the need for outdoor exercise to achieve a balanced growth. Natural outdoor environment is an important part of the children’s regular day. The outdoor environment is prepared just as carefully as indoors. Safe, secure, large and supervised playground is equipped with a wide range of outdoor play equipment like sand pit, rope climber, slide, swing, see-saw, merry-go-round etc. for physical exercise. We have a decorative garden which allows the children to care for and grow plants by watering them.

Surveillance Camera

For safety and security of the students, the school has surveillance cameras in every class room, playground, entrance, office room of the school.